SOMMARIVA PARC project in Helsingør


WolrdFlexHome’s newest project material includes an entire housing area located in Helsingør, a historic and cultural port city filled with of history and cultural heritage. The city is also characterized by its natural surroundings close to the sea and forests. The project focuses on solving environmental and climate related challenges as well as enhancing the well-being for all it’s residents.

This is done

• By creating synergies with nature and the local community

• By using few and reusable resources

• By building gently so neighbours, nature and plant life has the fewest genes

• By ensuring high quality, the building i all future is to current, attractive place to live and live

• By creating communities between people so more thrive and fewer stay lonely

• By building in a way that buildings and resources can be circulated and reused over and over again

• By designing based on the fact that this beautiful place one day must be brought back to nature


Gentle – yet durable construction

Building 20,000m2 conventional housing, as dense and low as this WorldFlexHome development, takes approx. 2 years. This construction period is a burden on neighbors, wildlife and nature. When the construction has served it’s purpose, it takes approx. a year and a half to demolish and remove all the building materials again. WFH construction is finished in the factory. This means that we can shorten the ‘on-site’ time with 50%. At the same time, this means that the construction work, which is often noisy, creates dust and pollutants will not occur on the site. The project has an established supply, sewerage and foundations for all buildings.

One day, when the building must be removed and reused, one must only take down the roof and facades and picked up the modules and drive them back to the factory. The entire process of transforming the site back to it’s prior state will take approx. 3 months. We leave this beautiful place as a park.

WorldFlexHome in many shapes

It is possible to create a huge variety in terms of building types and architectural looks due the flexibility of the WorldFlexHome design – without great effort. This is done for the Sommariva Parc in Helsingør which consists of detached houses, semi detached houses, and smaller apartment blocks to fit all lifestyles and family sizes. Even thought the park is densely populated, we have solved the challenges of privacy and there is a view of the beautiful surrounding nature from all homes.