Project by Fuglsang Lake

Have you heard about our construction project by Fuglsang Lake?

We have begun the development plans for the world’s first WFH building in the scenic surroundings by Fuglsang Lake on the outskirts of Herning.

Fuglsang Lake is a beautiful recreational area between the city and the country, which makes it the perfect setting for our building. We want the building to complement the qualities offered by the area. The building, combined with nature, will create a setting fit for presence, relaxation and community.

The building will match the surroundings, which is why the landscape and the lake have been used to inspire the choice of materials for the building. This can be seen, among other things, in the choice of façade materials, which are created from natural resources, creating a harmony between the building, nature and materials.

We believe that these are the perfect conditions for the first building built from the WFH concept, which it all about limiting resource consumption and ensuring sustainable buildings.

If you would like to learn more about the project by Fuglsang Lake, please download the pdf, where we have collected all the information about the project:

Project by Fuglsang Lake