Project by Fuglsang Lake

WorldFLEXhome has presented proposals for the construction project at Fuglsang Lake on the outskirts of Herning.

Fuglsang Lake is located in picturesque surroundings between countryside and city, making it the perfect setting for a WorldFLEXhome construction. Our mission is to ensure that a WFH (WorldFLEXhome) building harmonizes with the qualities the area offers and, in harmony with nature, creates an environment that invites presence, relaxation, and community.

A WFH construction should complement its surroundings, and therefore, the landscape and lake have influenced the choice of materials in the construction project. This is evident, for example, in the selection of facade materials, crafted from nature’s own resources, creating a coherence between the building, nature, and materials.

If you would like to learn more about the project at Fuglsang Lake, please download the PDF – where we have gathered all information about the project.

Download PDF: Project by Fuglsang Lake