Design for disassembly

WorldFLEXhome is a contribution to a more sustainable future in the built environment. The concept is based on ‘design for disassembly’, which is about designing products so that they can be taken apart and reused – again and again. 
By using only robust, inorganic materials and designing the modules so that they can be taken apart and assembled again, we have created a concept that supports a circular way of thinking. A concept where materials that would otherwise have ended up as waste can retain their value and be used in construction at a new location. 
Design for disassembly is a design strategy that aims to reduce the amount of non-renewable resources. In this way, WorldFLEXhome helps to reduce the amount of waste in the construction sector, which supports the UN’s 17 Global Goals and DGNB certification. WorldFLEXhome is the only building system on the market that can be changed, upgraded or moved – without creating waste.