The flexible and mobile building system


Imagine a modular building system where you can easily and quickly construct student housing, senior housing, nursing homes, and family homes. A building system made of durable, inorganic materials, where the modules can stand for 100 years or be disassembled and reused again and again. 

WorldFLEXhome has created a patented building system made of steel and concrete, and in partnership with ERIK architects, developed a design concept that is so flexible that with just three types of modules, you can compose homes of any size and for any need. The construction with robust, inorganic materials allows you to build high, up to 10 stories, and still meet Danish requirements for fire and acoustics. 

Can steel and concrete be sustainable? The answer is yes! WorldFLEXhome is based on ‘design for disassembly’ which is about designing products that can be separated and reused – again and again. As a result, we have developed the only building system on the market that can be changed, upgraded, or moved – without creating waste.