The module system


A WorldFLEXhome module has an estimated lifespan of 100 years. The module is constructed as a robust hybrid of steel and concrete, allowing the construction of a building up to 10 stories high, meeting the strictest European requirements for fire and acoustics.  


Modular Composition

The system consists of three modules – a facade module, a flex room module, and a technical module – that can be combined in a variety of combinations. In addition, there is a solution with a half module, which makes it possible to design 15 square meter rooms, which can be connected on all sides of the flex room module. This way, the system can be adapted to everything from compact studio apartments to large family homes. You can remove or add walls and easily move rooms from one apartment to another, even after the building is constructed.




A WorldFLEXhome module has the same size as a 20-foot shipping container and is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and technical features when it leaves the factory. Thanks to a unique twist lock system, it is easy to load the module on a flatbed truck and transport it to the construction site. Here, the building envelope and facade are installed in an optimized and carefully planned building process. It’s simply plug’n’play.



Developed for projects

WorldFLEXhome is specifically developed for the project market, and unlike other modular systems, it is ideal for high-volume building construction. At the same time, the design concept gives you almost free rein in terms of architectural expression. The modules are produced as raw houses in steel and concrete, giving you the freedom to choose exactly the facade you want, and to adapt your project to local architecture and materials.