WorldFlexHome at the ReBuild Ukraine Conference

WorldFlexHome is extremely interested to take part in the rebuilding of Ukraine with our long-term solution for easy, sustainable building design.

We are moving a showcase model of WFH to Warsaw, Poland to take part in the International Conference Rebuild Ukraine on the 15th to 16th of February 2023!


See our brochure in English and Ukrainian for more information on WorldFlexHome below (both can be downloaded as pdf’s at the bottom of the article):











Where to find us at the conference?  

We will both showcase one of our flexible DEMO modules in 1:1 scale outside the main hall and you can find us for a chat to hear more about our sustainable and easily assembled design solution at our stand in the Danish Pavilion!  

Our design is made to adapt to changing functionalities and can solve the need for fast and large-scale construction in times of uncertainty, with mobile, easily assembled modules made of robust, long-lasting, quality materials – steel, glass, and concrete. Nothing is glued together, so the disassembly is also effortless, and the modules fit a standard truck so they can be moved to the place of need providing shelter or other required functionalities in no time.  

The design is scalable and can facilitate an increasing demand for housing as well as schools or offices.

About the ReBuild Ukraine conference 2023

Rebuild Ukraine is an organization made to enable collaboration between local authorities, investors, and actors from the building and construction industry. The focus is on rebuilding infrastructure, industry, and housing and ensuring investments in the Ukrainian economy.