Single Family Housing


Patented FLEXspace

The FLEXspace in the middle of the house is the heart of the house and a unique patented system, made for multiple purposes. It contains the living room, kitchen and a staircase to the first floor. From the FLEXspace there is access to all spaces. This eliminates square meters used for logistics. Parts of the room are double height, creating perfect lighting conditions. The rest of the space is one storey high, defined by the landing that creates access to the spaces/rooms on the first floor.
In each end of the FLEXspace there is access to the surroundings and daylight. The boundary between inside and outside disappears, when the doors open. This is a fundamental part of the design; to be able to open up and let nature in. It is a consequence of having varying requirements for inside temperature and definitions of what domestic functions takes place inside and outside.


The geometry of the FLEXspace is defined by the two rows of modules, and can easily be modified to specific wishes regarding size. The FLEXspace has a number of possible solutions for subdivisions. Both on one plan or two plans. It can also be one big space, creating a lot of light and openness.
The kitchen elements are built into the wall (into the technical module). It creates more floor space and also makes connection to water and plumbing easy. The kitchen can also be extended with a freestanding element, defining the work area of the kitchen.


The landing creates access to the second floor, but can also be used as a space for play, relaxation or work. It gives the inhabitant the possibility to draw back, but still enjoy the company of people in the house. You are in the FLEX space, but because you are on the first floor you are drawn back from the action. It is an ideal place for a quiet retreat and still being able to observe what is going on in the house.


  • 180 square meters
  • Energy class, which is 50% lower than the standard requirements for new housing constructions in Denmark
  • Photovoltaic cells are integrated – area is flexible, but to fulfill the standards above min. 20 m2 solar cells for power production are needed. With an area of 30 m2 or above a normal household using energy efficient appliances will be self-sufficient with power on an annual basis
  • Green roof – solutions that are optimized for rainwater harvesting for use for toilet flushing, washing and cleaning
  • Customised façade solutions